LEGO Tractor Pull

Friday December 10, 2004


 Congratulations to all participants!

First Place - Charlene (Morris) 1700 Class Full Pull 

Second Place - Nemesis (Morris) 1700 Class Full Pull 

Third Place - Redneck (Morris) 1700 Class Full Pull 

P.E.T.  (Middleburgh)- 1700 class 49.375"

C3 (Morris)- 1700 class 45.25" 

Heidi (Morris)- 1700 class 34.25" 

The Lord  (Morris)- 1700 class 30.5"

Big Foot (ODY)- 1000 class 56.5" 

Bubba (ODY)- 1000 class 56.125" 

Get 'er done (ODY)- 1000 class 46.875" 

Draggin' Wagon  (LCS)- 1000 class 34.25" 

Wild Thing  (Middleburgh)- 1000 class 21.25

Hunter (Morris)- 1000 class 14.875" 

Willie's Wild Ride  (CVCS) - 200 class 52.5"

Mountain Dew Is Cool  (CVCS) - 200 class 38"

Flaming Red Neck  (CVCS)- 200 class 29"

LEGO Rep. - Tom Barrowman

Participating Schools

Middleburgh -
South Kortright -
Charlotte Valley -
Morris -
Laurens -
Morris -
Owen D. Young -

 Scott Gray

 Harry Nissen

 Brian Horey

 Mike Packard

 A. Dunn

 Dave Gorman

 Tom Hickey



General Rules

Please right click here to print

Schools can enter as many teams as they want.

Minimum 2 person team.

Each entry must have a tractor name, and school name on vehicle.

The tractor can only have two motors.

The vehicle must resemble a pulling tractor & carry a LEGO passenger.

The tractor must use tires, NO Dozer Tracks.

Full Pull is 5 feet (1/60 scale).

Two wheel drive only.

Rear of tractor must have a 1X8 beam with holes for attachment to sled.

The tractor should have a place at the hitch to attach up to (6) weighted blocks, (2X6X2high) to add traction to the rear of the vehicle. The blocks can me seen in the pictures.

The tractor must have 1 power lead off of the tractor, for link to power supply. RCX's will not be used.

Pulling Surface is 80 grit sandpaper.

Entire tractor must be made of LEGO's, paper or light gauge sheet metal can be used for fenders and signage.

Elimination Bracket will be used during competition, with weight adjustment to sled between brackets.

All teams must register by December 9th 2004. Click here for the registration form.

Pulling Sled Pictures