LEGO Drag Race

Friday December 10, 2004


Congratulations to all participants!

First Place - (CVCS) Blue Vomit

Second Place -  (CVCS) Willie's Wilder Ride 

Third Place -  (LCS) Punisher


 LEGO Rep. - Tom Barrowman

Participating Schools

Middleburgh -
South Kortright -
Charlotte Valley -
Morris -
Laurens -
Morris -
Owen D. Young -

 Scott Gray

 Harry Nissen

 Brian Horey

 Mike Packard

 A. Dunn

 Dave Gorman

 Tom Hickey



Dragrace Entries


Laurens Central School (3 entries)

TEAM NAME: Punisher 


TEAM NAME: Transition



Charlotte Valley Central School (3 entries)

TEAM NAME: Blue Vomit

TEAM NAME: Willie's Wilder Ride


Morris Central School (2 entries)

TEAM NAME: The Stoned Poneys

TEAM NAME: Moving Forward

Middleburgh Central School (2 entries)

TEAM NAME: Tiny fists of fury



General Rules

Please right click here to print

Schools can enter as many teams as they want.

Minimum 2 person team.

Each entry must have a team name, and school name on vehicle.

The car can only have two motors.

The vehicle must carry a LEGO passenger.

The car must use tires, NO Dozer Tracks.

Drag strip is 30' long (1/4 mile at 1/60 scale).

Two wheel drive only.

The car must have a light sensor placed at the front of the vehicle and able to be located on either the left or right side. Placement is 1-1/4" high from the racing surface.  This sensor will be used to start the race. When the light is lit on the Christmas tree, the sensor on the car will sense the light and start the program. 

The car must have a program activated by light sensor and using a RCX.

Racing surface is the Gymnasium floor. 

Entire car must be made of LEGO's, paper or light gauge sheet metal can be used for fenders and signage.

Elimination Bracket will be used during competition.

All teams must register by December 9th 2004. 

Click here for the registration form.